Fund Raising


United Volunteer Fire and Rescue holds two fund drives throughout the year.

The Fire and Building Fund Drive is held in July.  The money from this drive goes toward maintaining our stations, as well as purchasing and maintaining fire and rescue equipment.

The Ambulance Club Fund Drive is held in December.  The proceeds from this drive go toward maintaining our ambulance and EMS equipment. 

Click here for detailed information on the benefits of becoming an Ambulance Club member, and an explanation of how your donation can save you money in the long run.


You can designate United Volunteer Fire and Rescue to be the recipient of United Way funding by filling out the appropriate area on your donor form.  Our agency code number is 598Visit the United Way website!


Did you know that fewer than 35% of the residents and businesses of East McKeesport and Wall donate to UVFR?  We realize that many people are on fixed incomes, and cannot afford to donate more than a few dollars.  Any amount that you can give, no matter how large or how small, is greatly appreciated.

Your donations go directly toward training, equipment, maintenance, and utility costs.  We are a strictly volunteer organization and our members receive no compensation for their services!

It is estimated that volunteer fire, rescue, and emergency medical services save Pennsylvania taxpayers over $6 billion per year!

Imagine the tax increases that would be necessary to support a paid fire department and emergency medical service just in our two small towns!

We're there when you need us... will you be there when we need you?