Past UVFR Apparatus




This truck was donated to Lytle, Texas on March 15th, 2004

UVFR said good bye to an old, smelly friend. T287 left for its new home in Lytle, Texas today; but not without a little drama.

First, the truck would have been too high the way it we had to take off the ladder assembly from the boom. Also, we had to remove the much fun was that?

Then Chuck couldn't get it on the ramp....without almost dropping it over the side...but, very skillfully he got it on board without too much problem....

So without further delay...enjoy the pics.....there is also a video floating around somewhere.....

1970 Mack CF600 Chassis with Pierce Body

55 Foot Tele-Squirt

1000 GPM Pump, 450 Gallon Tank

1000 GPM Monitor Nozzle

Partial list of equipment carried onboard:  1200 ft of 3 inch supply line, four preconnects, hi-rise pack,
exhaust fan, positive pressure ventilation fan, chainsaw, Partner K-12 saw, 2 water cans, dry chemical
extinguisher, 4KW generator, (2) 500w quartz lights, 3 CairnsAir SCBA, spare air
bottles, assorted hand tools and lights, 24 foot extension ladder, 12 foot roof ladder,
attic ladder, stokes basket

Engine 135

1979 Ford/Pierce Suburban Pumper

1000GPM pump, 750 gallon water tank003 KME Excel

Motorola low band radio, UHF Radios, 700 ft. 3" supply line, 2 preconnected 200 ft. 1¾" crosslays, 100 ft. preconnected 1½" trash line, 4 InterSpiro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus with spare bottles, 1000 GPM deck gun with stacked tips, 3kw generator, 2 truck mounted 500W quartz lamps, 2 chainsaws, 14 ft. roof ladder, 24 ft. extension ladder, 10 ft. attic ladder, 2 pike poles, positive pressure ventilation fan, smoke ejector, trash pump, assorted hand tools, 4 hand lanterns, 2 water cans, hazmat kit, oil dry absorbent, oil absorbent pads & snakes, assorted shovels & brooms, dry chemical extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher.